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Polaris Flying Boats

The Flying Inflatable Boat
The FIB was patented by Polaris Motor SRL, the first Italian producer of hand gliders and ultralights, in 1986, in collaboration with the well known RIB (Rigid Inflatable Boat ) manufacturer, Lomac Nautica.

The Malingri Family, owner of Polaris with their experience and knowledge of the sea, designed a safe and seaworthy ultralight with very simple maintenance and easy to use from boats or beaches. Since 1987 more than 1300 units have been sold around the world (Indonesia, Thailand, Malaysia, Turkey, Red Sea, Argentina, Madagascar, USA etc.) Toyota bought 80 FIB units, many units operate from tourist resorts, and are on maxi yachts. The navy seals of Singapore use FIB's for special missions. Green Peace has two FIB's and use them in Mururoa. The strength of the FIB is given by its simplicity: with only 10 hours of flight lessons you are perfectly capable of flying in safety.